Leadership Team

Rob Smith

Acting Head

Rob is the Senior Deputy Head and joined Edgeborough from Haslemere Prep School in 2016. He is a passionate sportsman and was previously Deputy Head and Director of Sport at Wellingborough Prep School. He has a passion for cricket and hockey in particular, and coaches sport to girls and boys across all age groups. He continues to play his own cricket, playing locally in the summer.

Sarah Riley


Sarah joined Edgeborough in April 2020 from Banstead School where she was the Business Manager. Prior to working in independent schools, she was the Business Manager at a non-profit in the US, a Bursar at a state-maintained school and a governor at her local infant school. Sarah enjoys travelling, yoga and reading.

Jayne Symons

Head of Pre-Prep

Jayne began her second spell at Edgeborough in January 2019 and she is now Head of Pre-Prep. She initially joined the school in 2012 following a ten year period teaching in both Asia and Africa. Jayne began her first stint at the school as a Reception teacher and then spent two years teaching Year 4 as the of Head of Years 3-4. She returns to the school she holds so dear, with her own son Josh, having had a couple of years spent in Devon on maternity leave. A farmer’s daughter, Jayne has a love of the great outdoors and is a keen horse rider. She spends her free time enjoying the company of her son and sharing in his thirst for fun, adventure and discovery.

Ellie Buckey

Deputy Head Pastoral

Ellie joined Edgeborough in September 2020 as Head of Boarding and a Year 6 form tutor. She is now Deputy Head Pastoral. Ellie was previously at Chafyn Grove School for 9 years. She lives in the Boarding House at Edgeborough with her husband, 2 children and their black Labrador, Ivy.

Jo Hendriksen

Deputy Head Academic

Jo joined Edgeborough from Holme Grange School in 2021. She has a passion for driving exceptional standards of teaching and learning, along with an enthusiasm for educational research. Jo enjoys all things science related, previously leading an exceptional department at Queen Anne’s School. Jo loves both playing and coaching netball and is a self confessed Musical Theatre enthusiast! 

Nursery and Pre-School

Berni Schoenberg

Berni joined Edgeborough’s Nursery in 2011. In her spare time she enjoys charity fund-raising activities with her parrot, Coh-Co. She is a proud recipient of ‘The Farnham Community Award’. Her hobbies include gardening, travel, cookery and sailing.

Denise Horn

Denise joined the Edgeborough Nursery team in 2011 as a part-time member of staff. Now Miss Horn works full time as Edgeborough’s Nursery Manager. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her beautiful niece.

Jo Lockley

Jo first joined Edgeborough in 2002 as a Nursery Assistant and Hawkes Club Leader, before leaving in 2005 to have her daughter. She re-joined the school in January 2019 as a Nursery Assistant and is now working with Year 1. Away from school, Jo loves spending time with her daughter, as well as running and seeing family and friends.

Jo Uprichard

Jo joined Edgeborough as a Nursery 1 Assistant in September 2019 and is now the Pre-School Room Leader.  Her two children attended the nursery and her daughter, Roxy, is still at Edgeborough. Prior to Edgeborough, Jo worked as a SEN/Learning Support Assistant at Puttenham Infant School near Guildford.  In her free time and on the rare occasion when she is not driving her children to and from various clubs and events (!) Jo loves dancing, yoga, going for long walks with her family and spending time with friends. 

Charlie Roberts

Charlie is based in the Nursery at Edgeborough. She has worked in nurseries for six years and loved every minute! Prior to beginning her journey at Edgeborough, she worked in a small nursery in Elstead. When not at work, Charlie enjoys spending time with family and friends; going for walks and exploring new places, whether that be locally or internationally!

Zoe Rutherford

Zoe has worked in childcare for 14 years, most recently at Bright Horizons Day Nursery in Farnham.
She lives locally and has two children. When not at work she enjoys going to the gym, spending time with family and friends and city breaks.



Anouk van der Heijden

Anouk is originally from the Netherlands where she worked as a Primary school teacher for three years before moving to the UK in 2016. She worked as a nursery assistant at Bright Horizons day nursery before returning to teaching at the Broadmere Primary Academy. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities and visiting the theatre.



Camilla Hooper

Camilla joined Edgeborough as a Teaching Assistant in Year 2. During that time she has worked with a number of Heads of Department and also with Year 1 and Reception classes, while also teaching Year 2 Music. With more time on her hands since her children have flown the nest, she enjoys the theatre and music and is a keen singer. Other interests include sport and the great outdoors and also travelling whenever possible!


Gill Iffland

Gill joined Edgeborough in 2015 as a Year 4 class teacher. She is now Head of Years 1 and 2. Originally from South Africa, Gill moved to the UK 8 years ago, first doing some supply teaching in Surrey (living in Wimbledon with all the other South Africans!) before moving to a Year 3 teaching post at Moreton Hall Prep School in Suffolk. Gill is a keen runner, but do not ask her about it as she will bore you with injury stories! She has two nieces and a nephew who lives close by and often get quite spoilt in the holidays!


Jill Smith

Jill joined Edgeborough in 2007 as teaching assistant in Pre-prep, after previously working in a local pre-school for seven years. As she is a modern languages graduate, she was delighted to take over teaching French four years ago, teaching all classes from Nursery 1 to Year 3.


Lucy Liddicoat

Lucy joined Edgeborough’s Pre-Prep in September 2021 as a Year 2 class teacher. Having trained in classical singing in the past, she loves to sing whilst playing guitar and piano, in her spare time. She also loves to get outside as much as possible, walk with family, and is an eager horse rider. 


Rory Watson

Rory is one of our Reception teachers. He completed his training at Amesbury and loves to encourage independence and self-motivation wherever he can. He enjoys being active and taking part in a variety of sports. Out of school, he likes to walk with family and friends and to travel. During the holidays he makes an effort to go somewhere he has never been to before to soak up the culture.


Sally Hayman-Start

Sally joined Edgeborough in September 2012 as a Year 1 teacher and now teaches Reception. Before working here, she worked at Daneshill School where for six years she was a TA for Nursery – Year 2 while continuing her training and then spent four years as a Year 1 teacher. In her free time, Sally enjoys spending time with her family and going on adventures with her daughter, Erin.


Sarah Goddard

Sarah joined Edgeborough in 2007 working as a TA in the Nursery. Sarah then moved to Reception for two years and is currently a teaching assistant in Year 1. Prior to joining Edgeborough, Sarah set up and ran a Day Nursery at Ashcombe School, Dorking. Sarah then took time off to raise her family. Gardening is a passion and she also enjoys walking and cooking. Her family and friends are incredibly important to her and spending time with them is essential for her well-being and sanity!


Shona Sutton

Shona has been a Teaching Assistant since 2005 at Edgeborough. She also runs the Pre-Prep’s after school club and says “The children here make every day special and you couldn’t wish for a more beautiful environment to work in.” Outside of school Shona enjoys going for walks and spending time with her family.


Tania Morante

Tania joined Edgeborough as a Year 2 teacher in 1995. She is currently a Year 1 teacher. Prior to joining Edgeborough, Tania taught Year 7 English at Collarenebri Central School and Year 1 at Inverell Public School in New South Wales, Australia. In her free time Tania likes to spend time with her family, gardening, going to the cinema/theatre and she loves reading a wide range of novels. Tania loves to return to Australia whenever possible to visit her family and catch up with old friends.


Tara Platt

Tara joined Edgeborough in October 2006. She has worked as a Nursery Assistant and Teaching Assistant in Pre-Prep. Prior to joining Edgeborough, she was a Crèche Manager in Morzine for the winter seasons and Turkey for the summer seasons. In her free time, Tara enjoys outdoor sports with her two sons.


Alice Toynton

Alice joined Edgeborough in 2019 as Head of Science. She previously taught at Amesbury. She is a very keen hockey player and currently captains Haslemere Ladies 1st XI having previously played for Durham and Cambridge.

Barnaby Gray

Barnaby joined Edgeborough’s PE & Games Department having spent 17 years at Highfield School as Director of Sport, Head of Physical Education and Head of Boarding. Before then, he was Director of Sport at Milton Abbey School in Dorset.

He has a passion for all sport but after his rugby career, which included representing Harlequins and England Colleges, it has all been about Triathlon – athlete, coach and race organiser/official. He has represented Great Britain in European & World Triathlon & Duathlon Championships and has recently notched up his 9th Ironman Triathlon.

Caroline Smith

Caroline is Head of French and joined Edgeborough in 2017 from Haslemere Prep School. Previously, she spent 15 years teaching French and Spanish at Wellingborough Prep School in Northamptonshire, where she was Head of Modern Languages. She has a passion for languages and cultures and all things French.

Charlie Grayson

Charlie joined Edgeborough in January 2013 teaching Year 4 English and Girls Games. Since September 2016 she has been Year 5 form teacher teaching Mathematics, English and Girls Games. Prior to joining Edgeborough Charlie was Head of Girls Games for 12 years at Garden House School London.

Chris Wood

Chris joined Edgeborough having previously taught Science and games at Aysgarth in North Yorkshire and Cothill in Abingdon. He is a Year 4 and games teacher. Chris has been a Captain in the Royal Artillery Army Reserve for 14 years and enjoys rugby, cricket, Formula 1 and shooting. He is a qualified rugby referee and also holds a Motorsport ‘B’ licence which he would like to pursue further. His two children, Freddie and Ella, are pupils at Edgeborough. 

Clare Lock

Clare is Head of Art, having been Head of Art and Design at both at Daneshill and George Abbot School. She has strong links with Nepal through work prior to teaching and loves to return there as often as possible to see family and friends. Apart from her passion for art and anything creative, she loves the outdoors, spending time her two daughters and walking her dogs.

Claudia Rafferty

Claudia joined Edgeborough in 2016 as Head of Girls’ Games and a Year 8 form tutor. Claudia’s major passion in life is sport, whether it is coaching, teaching, watching or playing, combing all of those things at Edgeborough with the ethos of “sport for all” means it is her ideal job. She coaches and plays Netball for Winchester, and is an avid Rugby fan.

Colette Grist

Colette joined Edgeborough as a specialist Mathematics teacher in 2014. She has previously taught in a range of Primary schools including being a Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator. Colette is Governor for a local school and chairs the Teaching and Learning Committee. She has a real love for outdoor activities and adventure and is a Leader for a local Scouts Group.

David Jones

David joined Edgeborough in September 2014 as Director of Sport. Before starting at Edgeborough he was Head of Games at Moulsford Prep School for five years as well as working in the boarding house. Mr Jones started his teaching career at The Piggott School in Wargrave teaching PE and sport to Years 7 to12 including GCSE and A-level.

Domitille Johnson

Domitille is Edgeborough’s French native speaker. She joined the school in 2009 and is passionate about sharing her language and culture, teaching across the whole age range within the school.

Duncan Yates

Duncan joined Edgeborough in 2010. He teaches Maths to Years 5-8 and coaches Games, as well as being the Head of James House and Assistant Boarding Housemaster. His interests include travelling, visiting museums and following his favourite football team – Newcastle United. He also likes to read the classics such as The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Miserables and is currently working his way through the IMDb top 250 films!

Emma Sparshatt

Emma completed her teacher training at South Farnham School, where she taught in Y6, Y5 and Y2. She holds a degree in Primary Teaching from St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Prior to her primary teaching journey, Emma ran her own Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools and believes that building children’s confidence and self-esteem can help to promote learning. She was previously a Humanities Teacher at Cobham Free School in Surrey and is excited to share her love of learning with her pupils. Emma has three boys and spends many hours on the football side-lines. She enjoys all sport, especially Netball. 

Harrison King

Harrison first arrived at Edgeborough in 1991, all be it at 3 years old, joining one of the first co-ed year groups to start the school. After moving on to Frensham Heights he earned a deferred place to study Chemistry at Warwick University and used his gap year to gain employment in science and found himself at Bohunt School joining their team of technicians. In 2012 Harry returned to Edgeborough to take on the role of Science Technician. Since his start Harry has taken on a collection of additional roles in the school including Climbing Assistant and Special Effects Coordinator for the plays, to name a few.

James Wells-Cole

James is Head of History and Religious Studies, as well as Head of Senior Prep (Years 7 & 8). He is a passionate Historian who is an active member of the local History Association. His other passion is sports, coaching all of the major sports. Cricket remains his first love and he runs the School’s 1st XI. He is married to Emily and has three children. He’s also the owner of much loved black labs Monty and Hastings, plus his (grudgingly) adopted cats Coco and Bumble.

Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer joined Edgeborough in 2010 and is currently Head of Geography and Head of Middle Prep (Years 5 & 6). Jennifer also teaches sport at Edgeborough. Her favourite sport is Lacrosse having been Club Captain and a 1st team player at Durham University. Before becoming a teacher Jennifer worked in London as a Travel Consultant allowing her the opportunity to work in and visit in many countries across South and South-East Asia.

Jo Chipperfield

Jo joined Edgeborough in the Nursery in 2010 and in 2014 she moved to Reception. Following the pattern of a move every four years, Jo moved to Year 3 in 2018, where she is now a class teacher and Head of Junior Prep. Prior to joining Edgeborough she worked in Corporate Events for 10 years. In her free time Jo likes to spend time with her family, as well as gardening, photography and being an active member of St James Church in Rowledge.

Judith Metcalfe

Over the years Judith has worn many hats, including being a Nursery Assistant, Year 2 teacher, and acting Head of Art. Judith is a gregarious, book loving, Art mad, Francophile and an avid theatre goer. Revelling in the rumbustiousness of a large family, a tribe of cats and a remarkably calm husband she demonstrates passion and enthusiasm in all that she does!

Ken Annis

Ken joined Edgeborough in September 2001 as Head of English. After a long and successful stint as Deputy Head (Academic) he is now enjoying spending more time in the classroom. Before joining Edgeborough he had taught in a range of independent and maintained schools, at home and overseas. Away from school he enjoys photography, all things French, good conversation, great books and really bad jokes!

Kate Davies

Kate has been working at Edgeborough as Director of Music since 2009. Prior to working at Edgeborough, Kate was Director of Music at Arnold House School in St John’s Wood and at The Green Comprehensive in Hounslow. In her free time she enjoys long distance running and playing Chamber music with friends.

Lindsey Scott

Joining the Admin team in 2015, Lindsey provides a unique blend of experience and knowledge from airport-based customer services in the Travel Industry, Software Support in the Surveying & Financial Industry and, latterly, from working with children in Years 5-9 in the Learning Support field. For the 2018 academic year, Lindsey left her administrative role in the School Office to reprise her role as a Teaching Assistant and Creative Arts Technician, working in Year 4.

Liz Stemp

Secondary trained, Liz worked in a number of local senior schools before joining Edgeborough in 2003. She works part-time, teaching French across all age groups.

Louisa Bird

Louisa joined the staff at Edgeborough in September 2016 and teaches Latin and English. She enjoys organising Roman feasts, battles and mythological re-enactments in her lessons. She has a young family who keep her busy as a chauffeur and general administrative assistant, but in her spare time she enjoys reading, Pilates, going to the theatre and travelling, particularly in Italy. Prior to joining Edgeborough she was Head of Classics at St Edmund’s in Hindhead and taught English GCSE and A Level for many years at Twyford High School in West London.

Marian Holland

Marian joined Edgeborough in 2010 as Head of Design Technology. Prior to joining Edgeborough, Marian taught Design Technology to GCSE pupils at Weydon Comprehensive School in Farnham and Farnborough Hill where she taught Design Technology to ‘A’ Level. In her spare time Marian enjoys swimming, walking and all creative pursuits!

Matt Hawes

Matt joined Edgeborough as the Head of Maths in September 2021. He loves his Maths and is an avid sports fan with a penchant for Rugby. He cannot wait to share his passions with the students. Prior to joining Edgeborough, Matt has taught Maths, been a Head of House, Head of Year and worked in the Boarding houses at Seaford College. He has also worked as a Maths consultant for an EdTech company as well as working as Head of Maths and Assistant Head (Pastoral) at Brambletye prep school. In his free time, Matt likes to spend time exploring the countryside with his wife Claire and twins Teddy and Olivia. He is currently considering a return to Rugby. 

Patrick Flannery

Paddy is well-known to the children at Edgeborough as he has previously coached a lot of them tennis. However, he is now ‘Mr Flannery’ as he is now a member of the Science department and a games coach.

Pippa Parker

Pippa joined Edgeborough in Spring 2021 having relocated from London in 2020, where she taught at Blackheath Prep and Alleyn’s Junior School. Prior to that, she taught languages to GCSE and A Level at UCS in Hampstead. In her free time Pippa enjoys spending time with her family and taking part in all types of outdoor activities..

Sabrina Hinchliffe

Sabrina began her career at Edgeborough as a Year 4 teacher and Girls’ Games coach. She is now Head of Drama and a Year 6 tutor, as well as continuing with her Games coaching role. Sabrina trained to teach at South Farnham School and remained within the academy before joining Edgeborough in 2016. In addition to netball and amateur dramatics, Sabrina’s hobbies include singing, playing the guitar and song-writing.

Sarah Khan

Joining Edgeborough in September 2017, Sarah teaches Year 4 and Girls’ Games. Prior to this, she was at a local Hampshire Junior School where she taught Year 4 and was Head of French. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys walking her dog (at the beach whenever she can!) and spending time with her family.

Sian Hammond

After graduating from Roehampton University in 2011, Sian spent many years teaching a range of age groups before wanting to explore the world, which including a trip across South America in 2014 – an experience of a life time! Sian joined Edgeborough in September 2017, taking on the role of Year 3 Teacher and Girls’ Games Coach. Sport has been a passion of hers for many years – in particular, netball. She has coached Netball clubs for both boys and girls up to the age of 11 and been Sports Coordinator at both her previous schools.

Tanya Pavitt

Tanya joined Edgeborough in 1995 and worked as a Nursery Teacher in N1 for 15 years, with a couple of maternity breaks during this time for daughter, Naomi and son, Finlay. Mrs Pavitt is currently a Teaching Assistant in Year 3 and loves the Learning Support side of education and looks forward to developing this further at some point. Prior to joining Edgeborough she worked in Marbella as a Nanny and during her free time she and her children like visiting her husband in the holidays who currently works in St. Tropez.

Tim Barette

Tim joined Edgeborough School in April 2016 and teaches Computing and ICT. Prior to working at Edgeborough he was an Education Curriculum Consultant in Surrey and teacher in Kent. Outside of school he enjoys cycling, tinkering around with gadgetry and the odd bit of DIY.

Tom Robson

Tom joined Edgeborough in 2011 and has been a class teacher in every year group from Year 3 to Year 6, teaching Mathematics, Science, English and Games. Before joining Edgeborough, Tom taught at Loseley Fields in Farncombe and South Farnham School. He has not been a teacher throughout his entire working life having worked in Kenya and London trading tea for 10 years. Away from work, Tom enjoys refereeing rugby at various schools as well as officiating adult matches and competing at Latin dancing.

Dagmar Gericke

Dagmar joined us in September 2021 after taking a year off from teaching to help her husband with his business. Prior to that she was teaching at RGS in Guildford where she taught English. Dagmar loves reading, being outdoors and is especially fond of walking, running and gardening.


Helen Pasley

Helen joined Edgeborough in 2013 to become Director of SEND. Helen worked in mainstream, as a class teacher at a special school in Surrey, and more recently was the SENCo at an independent school in Hampshire. Helen is passionate about all areas of specific difficulties, striving to help pupils reach their potential. In her spare time Helen enjoys volunteering, walking, travelling, and spending time with her family.

Josie Elliott

Josie joined Edgeborough in 2017 as a specialist teacher in the LEAP department. After teaching for ten years in the mainstream, Josie completed a Masters course in ‘Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia’ at Bath Spa University, and then worked with pupils with specific learning needs in Ascot, before having her second child and re-locating to Hampshire. In her free time, Josie enjoys singing in military wives choirs, making jewellery and undertaking arts and crafts projects.

Karen Oliver

Karen joined the LEAP department in the 2018. She had previously worked as a teaching assistant for ten years in a mainstream school and then at a Pupil Referral Unit.

Her experiences working with children with learning difficulties led to Karen becoming a specialist teacher, enabling her to help each child with the individual focus they require. In her spare time Karen enjoys being with family and friends, walking the family dogs, upcycling and attending to her allotment.

Laura Watson

Laura joined Edgeborough’s LEAP department in 2015. She worked as a class teacher in schools in London, Hertfordshire and Surrey before becoming the Head of a Special Needs Centre attached to a mainstream school. As a specialist teacher, Laura is passionate about supporting children to overcome barriers to their learning in order to reach their potential. In her spare time, Laura enjoys walking her dog, dressmaking and spending time with her family and friends.

Vanessa McMillan

Vanessa joined Edgeborough in the LEAP department in 2017. She worked as a class teacher in mainstream schools before becoming a class teacher in a school for autistic children. From there Vanessa moved to work as a teacher in a speech and language centre. Vanessa works hard to understand how children’s minds work and strives to support them to reach their full potential. She now juggles her growing family and enjoys any quiet time she can find.

Support Staff

Andrea Durrant

Andrea joined Edgeborough in 2017 as Assistant Matron and away from school life she enjoys quilting and long dog walks with her family.

Cheridah Fleming-Chart

Cheridah otherwise fondly known as ‘Miss FC’ is the House Matron and can be found in the Boarding House or the surgery downstairs looking after the care and welfare of the pupils and staff. Miss FC has been at Edgeborough since September 1986 and has a wealth of knowledge about not only the pupils but the history of the school too. Matron also has a very popular Labrador called Manikin.

Gill Dixon

Gill joined Edgeborough in January 2002 and is the Headmaster’s PA. Before joining Edgeborough Gill worked at Coutts & Co in the Strand as PA to the Head of Commercial Banking. When not in school she likes to go Nordic Walking and do Body Combat classes!

Helen Green

Helen joined Edgeborough in 2007. Her role is primarily the Lettings Secretary for Edgeborough facilities but she also provides administration support in the school office. She enjoys gardening and walking and previously worked for an events management company and for ICI.

Janet Ashworth

Janet joined Edgeborough in 1996. She previously worked in the commercial sector and gained her financial experience within the music business and IT industry.

Louise Norbury

Louise joined Edgeborough in 2019 with over 10 successful years experience in global PR, communications and events.  She is delighted to support Edgeborough’s busy marketing and admissions team and in doing so, the wider school community.  Out of work, Louise loves to spend time with her family, her adorable black lab and her favourite sport is netball. 

Kate Harris

Kate joined Edgeborough in January 2021 after 20 successful years in Marketing and Client Relations roles and she has been lucky enough to live and work in the US, Europe and New Zealand across her career.  Having two children at Edgeborough herself, Kate fully understands how challenging it is to select the right school environment for your child and will be happy to help guide and support you through this time. During the weekends Kate can be found out and about with family and her gorgeous black lab, exploring the beautiful countryside we have on our doorstep. 

Phill Jeanmonod

Phill joined Edgeborough as temporary part time cover for a maternity leave in 2005 but is now a full time member of our School Office team. Prior to working here Phill spent ten years at the Farnham Maltings, heading up their Box Office and then organising the Monthly Markets. In her free time she enjoys photography and watching movies.

Domestic Staff

John Lowe

John joined Edgeborough as Estates Manager in April 2016. Prior to joining Edgeborough, John was the Estates Manager at The Belvedere Academy in Liverpool for almost 10 years. In his free time John enjoys football where he is a qualified level 4 referee and the club secretary at the local Combined Counties League side Farnham Town. He also has a keen interest in history.

Sue Wright

Sue joined Edgeborough in 2006 as Domestic Bursar and manages the catering and cleaning department. In her spare time she loves to walk her two dogs and go for the occasional 5k run.