1. When should I register my child?

You can register at any time.  For nursery, Reception and Year 3 it’s best to do this as soon as you know that you want your child to come to Edgeborough.  Usually prospective parents follow this process:

– Contact the Admissions Registrar on 01252 792495 or https://www.edgeborough.co.uk/come-and-visit-us/

– Review the information pack that we send you about the School.

– Book to visit the school, have a tour and meet the Headmaster.

– Register your child (a £100 registration fee is required).

– Book a taster day for your child to visit the school.

– Following a meeting with the Headmaster, we are usually able to offer a place to your child.

2. What is the structure of a normal working day?

This depends on the part of the school that your child attends.

Please click on the appropriate area below:


Pre Prep


3. Does Edgeborough have a school bus pick-up and drop-off?

We currently not offering a bus service. This will be reviewed in due course.

4. How much homework should my child expect?

This depends on the part of the school that you child attends. Please speak to your child’s form teacher to find out more.

5. What languages are taught at Edgeborough?

Our pupils learn French from Nursery onwards. Latin is taught to some pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8.

6. What sort of clubs and activities are available for my child?

We are very proud to offer our pupils an extensive selection of extra curricular activities. Click here for more information.

7. Is there school on Saturday?

There is no school on Saturday but we sometimes have sports activities or residential trips that your child will want to attend.  Parents will be notified of these well in advance.

8. Who should be my point of contact if I have concerns?

Your first point of contact should always be your child’s class teacher.  Alternatively, you may prefer to talk to the Head of Year for your child or any member of the Senior Management Team.  Please see our staff pages for more information.

9. What system is there for lost property?

All lost property, which is subsequently found is returned to the pupils if named. Unnamed items are collected and made available to parents twice a week.

10. What opportunities are there for parental involvement?

We really encourage parents to visit the school and see what’s happening. There are regular Parents’ Association events as well as the annual Arts Festival, Open Days, Music Concerts and Theatre productions.

11. Are there scholarships and bursaries available?

The school offers a restricted number of means-tested bursaries to appropriate pupils.

12. What is the teacher to pupil ratio?

We value our small class sizes and high teacher pupil ratio. Our largest class size is currently 18 pupils.

13. Are you a selective school?

We are not a selective school (which highlights the teachers and pupils efforts in our outstanding academic success). However, we always meet with parents and pupils before they join the school to ensure that this is the right  place for each child’s development. We conduct an informal assessment during the taster day and we ask to see a copy of your child’s latest school report.